1969: Crabby Appleton

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Crabby+Appleton+frontCrabby Appleton was an American rock band in the early 1970s. Fronted by singer-songwriter Michael Fennelly, they scored a Top 40 hit with their first single, “Go Back.” Though nearly everyone in the group was from a Los Angeles, California based band called Stonehenge, the group’s line-up was revamped with the introduction of Michael Fennelly, who had been one of the principal vocalists and songwriters in The Millennium. The group’s other members included Felix “Flaco” Falcon (percussion), Casey Foutz (keyboards), Hank Harvey (bass), and Phil Jones (drums). Jones, previously of Oskaloosa, Iowa, but more recently of Laurel Canyon, helped form the band after meeting Fennelly at Thee Experience, a club on the Sunset Strip. Jones had heard the song, “To Claudia on Thursday,” which Fennelly wrote and sang with his group The Millennium, and, encouraged by record producer David Anderle, recruited Fennelly to join Stonehenge as lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter. The group was renamed Crabby Appleton after a character from the Tom Terrific cartoon. Crabby Appleton signed with Elektra Records and recorded their first album Crabby Appleton, produced by Don Gallucci and released in 1970. The band’s debut single, “Go Back,” climbed to #36 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The band opened for the Doors, Sly and the Family Stone, Three Dog Night, Guess Who, ABBA, and George Carlin. They appeared on American Bandstand, the Real Don Steele Show, What’s Happening with John Byner, and enjoyed critical success. Both of their albums, Crabby Appleton and Rotten to the Core, received rave reviews in Rolling Stone and Creem magazines. The band’s second album, Rotten to the Core, was recorded in 1971, but sales were disappointing and the band split up. Following the disbanding of the group, Fennelly recorded two solo records in England. Jones plays as a drummer and percussionist in the Los Angeles music scene and has recorded and toured with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Joe Walsh, Roy Orbison, Cracker, Susanna Hoffs, Roger McGuinn, and is playing with the Waddy Wachtel Band. Both Crabby Appleton albums have been reissued on CD by Collector’s Choice Music, and “Go Back” has been released on many compilation albums.

  • Rock, powerpop
  • Pop/Rock
  • Album Rock
  • Contemporary Pop/Rock
  • AM Pop
  • Boogie Rock
  • Power Pop
  • Los Angeles, California
  • 1970
  • 1969–1972
  • Michael Fennelly
  • Casey Foutz
  • Hank Harvey
  • Felix “Flaco” Falcon
  • Phil Jones
  • Crabby Appleton (1970, Elektra Records)
  • Rotten to the Core (1971, Elektra Records)
  • Go Back
  • Can’t Live My Life 1970 Crabby Appleton
  • Peace by Peace 1970 Crabby Appleton
  • How Long Will It Take 1970 Crabby Appleton
  • Some Madness 1970 Crabby Appleton
  • Try 1970 Crabby Appleton
  • To All My Friends 1970 Crabby Appleton
  • The Other Side 1970 Crabby Appleton
  • Hunger for Love 1970 Crabby Appleton
  • Catherine 1970 Crabby Appleton

 Crabby Appleton interview with Dick Clark plus Go Back – American Bandstand May 1970  Crabby Appleton – Crabby Appleton full album John Byner introduces Crabby Appleton Can’t Live My Life Without You (May 1970)

  • Elektra Records
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