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angel_logo_whiteAngel was discovered by Kiss bass player Gene Simmons performing at a nightclub and was eventually signed to the same label as Kiss, Casablanca.
Angel’s image of dressing in all white was a deliberate contrast to Kiss, which wore black. Angel sported an androgynous image and elaborate stage sets. It was slammed by rock critics, and Frank Zappa ridiculed the all-male band’s female appearance in the song “Punky’s Whips.”  Angel never achieved mass commercial success but acquired a following as a cult band.
Its first album was the self-titled Angel and consisted of guitarist Punky Meadows, bassist Mickie Jones, vocalist Frank DiMino, keyboardist Gregg Giuffria, and drummer Barry Brandt. This lineup would hold for the following two albums, Helluva Band and On Earth as It Is in Heaven, after which Jones would be replaced by Felix Robinson.
It made an appearance in the film Foxes and Frank DiMino sang “Seduce Me Tonight” on the Flashdance soundtrack.headlogo_2
DiMino and Meadows departed the band in 1981, and the remaining members brought in vocalist Fergie Frederiksen (later of Toto) and guitarist Ricky Phillips (later of The Babys, then Bad English, then Styx), but this lineup dissolved shortly thereafter.
The former members of Angel went on to other things following the release of their live album. Lead vocalist Frank DiMino joined UFO guitarist Paul Raymond in the Paul Raymond Project in which he sang lead vocals. Bassist Felix Robinson played on the debut album of the band White Lion, Fight to Survive. Angel’s keyboardist Gregg Giuffria had modest success as the leader of the band Giuffria during the 1980s as well as with the band House of Lords, who – sans Giuffria – reunited in 2002 and released a new album The Power and the Myth on Frontiers Records. In 2006, Giuffria appeared as a guest keyboardist on House of Lords’ World Upside Down LP, and they released Come to My Kingdom in 2008 without Giuffria.
In the late ’90s, Angel reformed with a new line-up. Keyboardist Gordon G.G. Gebert joined the band in 1999 but left in 2002. Currently, the band members are Frank Dimino, vocals; Barry Brandt, drums; Randy Gregg, bass; Steve Blaze, guitars; and Michael T. Ross, keyboards. The band’s 2000 release In the Beginning also features guest appearances by original guitarist Punky Meadows, as well as Robinson. In 2000 came the release of Angel: The Collection, making it the most extensive Angel greatest hits compilation, including 16 songs.

On Earth as It Is in Heaven In 2006, Lilith released two singles albums which has singles released through the band’s career (1975-1981), and even though it has most singles released at that time it does not include “Better Days” which was taken off the White Hot album and replaced with “The Winter Song.” This song remains unreleased on CD or cassette format. It is however available as a 7″ single but is very hard to find. Angel is now working on a new album, which so far has no name, but has three songs written for it. They are: “Worship the Sun”, “Hold On To Your Dreams”, and the third untitled song.
Bassist and founding member Mickie Jones died in San Dimas, California on 5 September 2009, after a long battle with liver cancer. Jones performed on four Angel albums (Angel, Helluva Band, On Earth As It Is In Heaven, and An Anthology).

Cover of "White Hot"

He toured extensively with the band in the United States for several years. Before Angel he played in the rock group BUX, which included guitarist Punky Meadows (Angel) and singer Ralph Morman (Joe Perry Project, and Savoy Brown). BUX released one album on Capitol Records, We Come to Play in 1976. Both Jones and Meadows were asked to join the New York Dolls but declined. After leaving Angel he formed the LA band Empire and was the lead singer. Empire included drummer Steve Riley (LA Guns). Over the years he became interested in film production and would later work in the film industry.
Singer Frank DiMino now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and plays in classic rock tribute bands. Recently, he appeared on the Sin City Sinners Christmas album, singing lead vocals on the holiday classic Winter Wonderland.

  • Glam rock
  • Progressive rock
  • Hard rock
  • Washington, D.C., United States
  • 1975–1981
  • 1987
  • 1998–present


Current members

  • Barry Brandt – drums, percussion (1975-1981, 1999-present)
  • Frank DiMino – lead vocals (1975-1981, 1999-present)
  • Steve Blaze – guitars (1999-present)
  • Randy Gregg – bass (1999-present)
  • Michael T. Ross – keyboards (2002-present)

Former members

  • Gregg Giuffria – keyboards (1975-1981)
  • Punky Meadows – guitars (1975-1981)
  • Mickie Jones – bass (1975-1977; died 2009)
  • Felix Robinson – bass (1977-1981)
  • Fergie Frederiksen – lead vocals (1981; died 2014)
  • Ricky Phillips – guitars (1981)
  • Gordon “G.G.” Gebert – keyboards (1999-2002)


Angel (Angel album)

  • Angel (1975)
  • Helluva Band (1976)
  • On Earth as It Is in Heaven (1977)
  • White Hot (1978)
  • Sinful (1979) (original title: Bad Publicity)
  • In the Beginning (1999)


  • Live Without a Net (1980)
  • Angel: Live in Sweden (2001)


Helluva Band

  • Foxes (Soundtrack double album) (two songs by Angel:’20th Century Foxes’ and ‘Virginia’) (1980)
  • Can You Feel It (1989)
  • An Anthology (1992)
  • Angel: The Collection (2000)
  • Angel:The Singles Collection Volume 1 (album) (2006)
  • Angel:The Singles Collection Volume 2 (album) (2006)
  • A Rock and Roll Christmas II (1998) .
  • Bootlegs[edit]
  • Blowing Great Guns (1978)
  • White Heroes (1978)
  • Whips (1981)
  • Troubleshooter (1981)
  • Should’ve Known Better (1981)

Angel: The Collection

  • Tower 1975 Angel
  • The Winter Song 1978 White Hot
  • Hero 2000 In the Beginning
  • The Fortune 1976 Helluva Band
  • Mirrors 1976 Helluva Band
  • Don’t Leave Me Lonely 1978 White Hot
  • Don’t Take Your Love 1979 Sinful
  • 20th Century Foxes 1980 Live Without a Net
  • You’re Not Fooling Me 1977 On Earth as It Is in Heaven
  • Set Me Free 2000 In the Beginning
  • Hold Me, Squeeze Me 1978 White Hot
  • On The Rocks 1977 On Earth as It Is in Heaven
  • Wild and Hot 1979 Sinful
  • Can You Feel It 1977 On Earth as It Is in Heaven
  • Feelings 1976 Helluva Band
  • Under Suspicion 1978 White Hot
  • L.A. Lady 1979 Sinful
  • Just a Dream 1977 On Earth as It Is in Heaven
  • That Magic Touch 1977 On Earth as It Is in Heaven
  • Flying With Broken Wings 1978 White Hot
  • All the Young Dudes 1980 Live Without a Net
  • The Greatest Love of All 2000 In the Beginning
  • The Crow 2000 In the Beginning
  • Anyway You Want It 1976 Helluva Band
  • Pressure Point 1976 Helluva Band
  • Waited a Long Time 1979 Sinful
  • Sunday Morning 1975 Angel
  • Chicken Soup 1976 Helluva Band
  • Big Boy 1977 On Earth as It Is in Heaven
  • Trapped in Paradise 2000 In the Beginning
  • Telephone Exchange 1977 On Earth as It Is in Heaven
  • Dr. Ice 1976 Helluva Band

“I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore


Rock & Rollers (Live In Chicago)

The Winter Song (Dick Clark’s American Banstand) + Interview

“Don’t Take Your Love” UNRELEASED Promo Film/Music Video-Casablanca


Feelin’ Right


Helluva Band (Full Album) 1976


  • Casablanca
  • Coallier Entertainment
  • BUX
  • White Sister

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