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Train is an American pop rock band from San Francisco. The band currently consists of a core trio of Pat Monahan (vocals), Jimmy Stafford (guitar), and Scott Underwood (drums).

With a lineup that included original members Monahan, Stafford, Underwood, Rob Hotchkiss, and Charlie Colin, the band achieved mainstream success with their debut album, Train, which was released in 1998 with the hit “Meet Virginia.” Train’s 2001 album, Drops of Jupiter contained the lead single “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)”, which won two Grammy Awards in 2002. The album was certified double platinum in the United States and Canada and remains the band’s best-selling album to date.

Train 1

Train’s third studio album, My Private Nation, released in 2003, was certified platinum in the United States with the hit “Calling All Angels”. Following the departures of Hotchkiss and Colin, the band released their fourth album, For Me, It’s You in 2006, with Brandon Bush (keyboards) and Johnny Colt (bass). Despite a generally positive reception from critics, the album was commercially unsuccessful. Because of this Train went on a three year hiatus.

Train 2

In late 2009, Train released the album Save Me, San Francisco, from which album three singles—-the RIAA 6x Platinum-certified international hit “Hey, Soul Sister“, “If It’s Love” and “Marry Me”—-reached high positions on the Billboard Hot 100 at number three, 34, and 34, respectively. The album itself has been certified gold by both the RIAA and ARIA and has sold 954,000 units. Since 2008, Jerry Becker (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals) and Hector Maldonado (bass, guitar, percussion, backing vocals) have been touring and recording with the group around the world.

In April 2012, Train released their sixth studio album titled California 37. The first single from the album entitled “Drive By” reached number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was a Top 10 in the UK, their first Top 20 single since 2009.

  • Roots rock
  • blues rock
  • soft rock
  • rock
  • folk rock
  • alternate country
  • Pop/Rock
  • Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
  • Alternative/Indie Rock
  • American Trad Rock
  • Jam Bands
  • 1994–present
  • (Hiatus: 2006–2009)


  • Pat Monahan – lead vocals, percussion, harmonica, acoustic guitar, trumpet, saxophone, vibraphone, megaphone (1994–present)
  • Jimmy Stafford – lead guitar, mandolin, ukulele, slide guitar, backing vocals (1994–present)
  • Scott Underwood – drums, percussion, keyboards, piano, programming (1994–present)


  • Jerry Becker – rhythm guitar, keyboards, piano, Hammond organ, slide guitar, percussion, backing vocals (2008–present)
  • Hector Maldonado – bass guitar, rhythm guitar, percussion, backing vocals (2008–present)


  • Rob Hotchkiss – rhythm guitar, bass guitar, piano, harmonica, backing vocals (1994–2003)
  • Charlie Colin – bass guitar, guitar, backing vocals (1994–2003)
  • Brandon Bush – keyboards, piano, Hammond organ (2003–2006)
  • Johnny Colt – bass guitar, backing vocals (2003–2006)


  • Ana Lenchantin – cello, dancing, percussion, backing vocals (2011)
  • Brian Switzer – trumpet (2012–present)
  • Train (1998)
  • Drops of Jupiter (2001)
  • My Private Nation (2003)
  • For Me, It’s You (2006)
  • Save Me, San Francisco (2009)
  • California 37 (2012)

Cover of "My Private Nation"

  • Hey, Soul Sister 2009 Save Me, San Francisco
  • Marry Me 2009 Save Me, San Francisco
  • Drops of Jupiter 2001 Drops of Jupiter
  • 50 Ways to Say Goodbye 2012 California 37 (deluxe edition)
  • Drive By 2012 California 37 (deluxe edition)
  • Bruises 2012 California 37 (deluxe edition)
  • Mermaid 2012 California 37 (deluxe edition)
  • Shake Up Christmas 2010 Save Me, San Francisco
  • Calling All Angels 2003 My Private Nation
  • If It’s Love 2009 Save Me, San Francisco
  • Save Me, San Francisco 2009 Save Me, San Francisco
  • Meet Virginia 1996 Train
  • When I Look to the Sky 2003 My Private Nation
  • To Be Loved 2012 California 37 (deluxe edition)
  • Ordinary 2004 Alive at Last
  • Sing Together 2012 California 37 (deluxe edition)
  • This Ain’t Goodbye 2009 Save Me, San Francisco
  • This’ll Be My Year 2012 California 37 (deluxe edition)
  • Feels Good at First 2012 California 37 (deluxe edition)
  • She’s on Fire 2001 Drops of Jupiter
  • Free 1996 Train
  • Mississippi 2001 Drops of Jupiter
  • I Got You 2009 Save Me, San Francisco
  • You Can Finally Meet My Mom 2012 California 37 (deluxe edition)
  • Get to Me 2003 My Private Nation
  • Breakfast in Bed 2009 Save Me, San Francisco
  • Cab 2006 For Me, It’s You
  • Parachute 2009 Save Me, San Francisco
  • Ramble On 2001 Midnight Moon
  • You Already Know 2009 Save Me, San Francisco
  • Blind 1996 Train
  • Words 2009 Save Me, San Francisco

[reverb type=’allsongs’ aid=’201692′ photo=’1′ fit=’1′ w=’100%’ h=’100′]

Shelter Me


Calling All Angels

Hey, Soul Sister

Drops of Jupiter

Marry Me

50 Ways to Say Goodbye


featuring Ashley Monroe – Bruises

  • Columbia
  • Aware
  • Ashley Monroe

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