1950: The Three Chuckles

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The Three Chuckles was an early American rock & roll group from Brooklyn.

Although designated rock & roll by contemporary observers, the sound of The Three Chuckles is closer to vocal pop, in hindsight.

Teddy Randazzo
Teddy Randazzo

They formed around 1950, naming themselves after a popular candy of the day, and played East Coast establishments. Original accordionist/keyboardist Bill Bentl left the group in the mid-1950’s and was replaced with Teddy Randazzo, then a teenager.

In 1954, they recorded a song called “Runaround”, written by a truck driver named Cirino Colacrai, and released it on Boulevard Records as the B-side to “At Last You Understand”. The single was picked up for national distribution by , and “Runaround” became a hit, peaking at #20 on the U.S. national charts.

With their newfound fame, Randazzo became the lead singer and songwriter. They scored two further hits on the new Billboard charts: “Times Two, I Love You” (#67, 1955) and “And the Angels Sing” (#70, 1956).

Rock, Rock, Rock (film)

In 1956 Alan Freed offered them a spot in his movie Rock, Rock, Rock; following this Randazzo left the group for a solo career. Jackie Farrell joined after Randazzo left, but the group did not return to record, and broke up by 1958. Randazzo recorded solo.

Tommy Romano continued in the music industry, performing into the 1970’s.

In 1997, Collectables Records issued a collection of Three Chuckles songs on CD.

  • Vocal
  • Vocal Pop

  • Brooklyn

  • November 13, 1954

  • 1950 – 1958


  • Tommy Romano – vocals, guitar
  • Tommy “Russ” Gilberto – vocals, bass
  • Bill Bentl – accordion
  • Teddy Randazzo – accordion, vocals
  • Jackie Farrell – accordion

  • 1997:The Three Chuckles Golden Classics


  • Runaround / At Last You Understand 1954
  • Anyway / The Funny Things We Used to Do 1955
  • If You Should Love Again / Foolishly 1955
  • So Long / You Should Have Told Me 1955
  • Two Times, I Love You / Still Thinking of You 1955
  • Gypsy in My Soul / We’re Still Holding Hands 1956
  • And the Angels Sing / Tell Me (That Your Love Is For Me) 1956
  • We’re Gonna Rock Tonight / Won’t You Give Me a Chance 1957


And the Angels Sing

We’re Gonna Rock Tonight

To Each His Own

rock rock rock movie

  • Great Lakes
  • RCA Victor
  • Collectables Records
  • Boulevard Records

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